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  • GOOD

    I'm not sure why this essay is in the regular user box (usually they are the worst essays) because this is a very good essay. (then again, regular users shouldn't always get the crappiest essays!) :)
    • 03/04/2005
    • 00:28:52
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  • :)

    This is a very good essay!!
    • 29/03/2005
    • 19:53:31
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  • I beg to differ

    paragraphs?, essay structure?, use of first person?, this isnt very well considered at all!
    • 08/11/2004
    • 17:15:48
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  • Good essay

    good! liked ur thought on beauvoir
    • 08/11/2004
    • 17:13:03
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  • Mmmmmmmm

    This is a misreading of the social contract theory... SCT is about co operation in order for individuals to attain their own interests... the state of nature is an example of an obligation free society, where lives are always in danger. Because every man is in a war against every man, the possibility of death is always near. In order to stay alive (a universal desire)the SC offers an agreement that respects the rights of each individual. It is self interest which motivates the SC. Hobbes would say that if someone asked you to risk ur life to protect a greater good, and if u were pressured to do so, you have the right to shoot him to preserve ur own life.
    • 13/06/2004
    • 03:21:22
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  • Good

    allo very good, mate.
    • 09/06/2004
    • 22:02:21
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  • Good

    awwwwwwwwww this is great! it is very well written with topic sentences and active sentences throughout.
    • 09/06/2004
    • 00:41:16
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  • Suggestion

    I would suggest you make your conclusion a little more informative- ie mention AGAIN the gist of your argument
    • 09/06/2004
    • 00:35:06
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  • Anothergoodsource

    this is very good... i like the idea that we perform the roles we feel are most desirable... one of the best writers to discuss gender socialisation is Iris Marion Young "throwing like a girl" it's got a feminist slant, but it also discusses the way that boiys are encouraged to "own"their bodies and 'conquer" the physical world, and girls are taught to look pretty in their bodies and be afraid of the physical.
    • 08/06/2004
    • 23:25:21
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    i apologise that i didnt review more carefully. i have left a couple of paragraphs that i removed from my essay underneath my conclusion. all text below my final paragrAPH:"In conclusion, the power relations in the gender order still remain in favour of man. Early feminists believed that femininity contrasted many women's lived experience, but it was not exposed as a false ideology, rather the women who questioned it were exposed as unfeminine. Today, "beauty" is a similar uniform ideal and the consequences remain the same for dissenters as it did before the Liberation Movement. Beauty is so firmly planted in society's psyche as the ultimate symbol of womanhood that eating disorders, distorted body images and body obsessions are seen as 'pathological' responses to a situation, rather than natural ones in a pathological situation."should be ignored. thankyou!
    • 08/06/2004
    • 21:44:14
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