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  • Book Report on the Outsiders..

    Very informative, and great choice of words... had a great flow to it as well... VERY GOOD WORK for a GRADE 8 LEVEL!!thnx! i found it very informative for the essay im doing on the novel...
    • 17/06/2004
    • 05:42:55
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  • Great work

    this is extremely good work for an 8th grade... im doin a report on the novel and im in 10th grade and i found your report very useful!!Thanks alot! And great work...
    • 17/06/2004
    • 05:41:15
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  • Great addition..

    aha! yes... charlie LIVES! I enjoyed part 7 of your story as much as the additions prior... very descriptive and captivating when you leave us in suspense as u always do...Well CMON work on part 8 ....
    • 17/06/2004
    • 05:32:51
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  • The great depression

    I believe this essay was a bit too brief, as well as that the paragraphs... well there were none.It was well written using good terminology and punctuation, but it didnt really seem like an essay.
    • 09/06/2004
    • 20:58:20
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  • Same opinion

    I read through your essay and I can totally relate to almost everything you have said.I found it very descriptive and opinion based, which was good, I enjoyed reading another person's view in this very significant topic we are all facing today.Also I can relate to the way you see buying and downloading... and me myself, well I do both. I also appreciated the polls as informative as well as interesting!Thnx for the great read
    • 09/06/2004
    • 20:49:23
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  • Venturing Online...

    12:01am here in Australia... was pretty bored so I ventured online looking for a good story and what can I say...Pretty good stuff, kind of sad at the end and also kind of confussing for me... but I liked the Science Fiction touch...
    • 09/06/2004
    • 10:55:34
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  • Research Assignment

    Right now I'm doing a research assignment on the Whole Cold War covering every aspect, including:- Capitalism Vs. Communism- The Berlin Blockade- The Cuban Missile Crisis... and all of that... your essay although brief, was very informative, and I enjoyed reading it. Thank you for the contribution! Great Work !
    • 09/06/2004
    • 10:21:42
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  • It was great

    took me a while 2 read the whole thing but i found it really good and interesting
    • 09/06/2004
    • 09:18:19
    • Score: 8 out of 9 people found this comment useful.