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  • Improvements

    Although the content of the essay is well thought out, it has a few grammatical errors. the essay does not flow as well as it should, however with a little revision it could become an A+ essay
    • 14/06/2004
    • 21:41:54
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  • Great!

    Very touching, emotional. Good Essay, definitley!
    • 13/06/2004
    • 16:40:45
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  • Election Reform

    can u email me an essay on Electoral reform? i'm in status pending, i should recieve my points in a couple o' days
    • 13/06/2004
    • 16:34:01
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  • Military Values

    i have known people who have served in the past (veitnam). it is extremely important for us to know what values and ethics are conformed to.Good developemnt of writing, an essay well done
    • 11/06/2004
    • 00:42:01
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  • Very informative

    good essay structure, and good use of resources. a followup/ continuation of womens rights would be nice also
    • 11/06/2004
    • 00:37:57
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  • Improvement

    Good essay, definitly shows your points. a little unecessary perhaps
    • 11/06/2004
    • 00:30:50
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  • Works Cited For Music Essay

    due to request, here is a short version of my Works Cited for this Paper. I hope you find it useful. -Works Cited: "The Recording Industry is Trying to Kill the Goose That Lays the Golden Egg" Dan Bricklin, "Copy Protection Robs The Future" Dan Bricklin, "The Internet Debacle - An Alternative View" Janis Ian; Performing Songwriter Magazine "Downloads Did Not Cause The Music Slump, But They Can Cure It" Mariko Zapf, Forrester Research- Press Release,1769,741,FF.html Clear-Channel Information -p.s. All in-text quotes have been cited properly; due to the format of this website it is not clear how well it came out.
    • 11/06/2004
    • 00:27:35
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