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  • Nicely Structured

    As usual great structure coupled with the easy being very easy flowing; makes this work excellent.
    • 17/07/2004
    • 22:36:09
    • Score: 36 out of 42 people found this comment useful.
  • Great Style of Writing

    Like usual your style of writing is textbook. Great intro explaining; what to your easy to understand (yet very sophisticated) style of writing...finished of with a conclusion that nicely summarizes the work.
    • 17/07/2004
    • 22:32:21
    • Score: 47 out of 54 people found this comment useful.
  • Simple...yet deep

    Nice structure....easy to follow. And nice simple yet deep interpretation of the poem as a whole at the end which I liked alot. Great Job
    • 17/07/2004
    • 22:28:59
    • Score: 32 out of 38 people found this comment useful.
  • Concise

    pretty concise...i like the structure...very easy to understand
    • 15/07/2004
    • 19:48:06
    • Score: 3 out of 5 people found this comment useful.
  • Conclusion?

    Deep essay.....i dont like the fact that the conclusion brings forth further questions. Shouldnt a conclusion conclude and answer all questions....Nice essay tho
    • 15/07/2004
    • 18:56:44
    • Score: 6 out of 8 people found this comment useful.
  • Structure?

    seems like its missin parts a and b....i dont follow the structure but otherwise its ok...still confused tho
    • 15/07/2004
    • 18:54:12
    • Score: 2 out of 4 people found this comment useful.
  • Alt Power

    Nice deep and thourough look into alternative power....with a nice works cited feature implemented at the end. Great...prolly give it at least an A- for the research time put in.
    • 15/07/2004
    • 17:27:21
    • Score: 5 out of 7 people found this comment useful.