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  • Very Nice.

    I agree with the overuse of ADD as an excuse also. Parents need to spend more time with their children. Not just as their friend but as a loving parent. Teaching them authority. As our society is breaking down due to a lack of respect for authority.
    • 04/10/2005
    • 17:25:01
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  • I liked the paper.. personal experience

    I love the fact that you have a personal experience to show with your father..This is something that affects us all weather we know it or not...Good job...
    • 26/07/2004
    • 18:29:49
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  • I know this is a great essay...

    For one I love Final Fantasy Games. But 7 is a classic along with 2... This was a short but sweat overview of the game... But yes you should play this game to really feel the love I also have for this game... Play 2 if you can too.... :)
    • 26/07/2004
    • 18:00:49
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