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  • A good introduction...

    To the nutrients fats, proteins and carbs give us, their pros and cons, and their common uses today. I would not, however, call this a college-level essay. If you're in your sophomore year, you'd expect something more in-depth and complicated than this
    • 27/08/2006
    • 05:22:23
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  • I cant say...

    For telling the story of this poem, i give you a 10/10. For analysing language, however, i can only give you a 4.Of course, this is a intrepretation of the poem. Yet, as a school essay, which usually seeks for how the choice of words and language affects the poem, this essay isn't worth much. As my teacher always says, use PEA- point, evidence and analysis. You've given points, you've gotten evidence, but i can see very little analysis.Now obviously this is a very good intrepretation- something my teacher would be hard-pressed to match. Your range of vocabulary is amazing. Are you sure you're not an adult?Yet, my gripe is that there is simply no analysis, and thus this piece of work will not help students to analyse this piece of work- unless of course, your intention is to help them understand this poem and then analyse it for themselves... in that case, i salute you.
    • 13/05/2005
    • 04:08:06
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  • Average

    Use paragraphing if you want to get this to be read. No proper conclusion or introduction or any thematic derivations. But the reason why i'm not giving this a red rating is because you've analysed the language
    • 13/05/2005
    • 03:52:31
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  • Pretty good

    its a nice essay about an unusual subject. Easy to understand and absorb
    • 26/11/2004
    • 21:49:00
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  • Descriptive yet simple

    A good work, both focusing on his talents and his qualities
    • 19/08/2004
    • 08:13:09
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