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  • Profound...

    very well written + this paper shows that you have really thought about what you wanted to say... great paper !
    • 26/05/2003
    • 18:32:36
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  • Watch out!!!

    the paper is good in te respect that it covers a lot of key points + it can be veery helpful to someone who has read the book + need ideas for a paper, but u should watch out for the way you use quotes. yes u cited them correctly but you shoul only use 1 qoute per paragraph. most teachers will make a comment to that effect. but other than that its a good paper
    • 26/05/2003
    • 18:20:19
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  • You are truely an excellent writer

    i kno nothing of e*trade - never used it, dont know what is really about or used for... but this paper gives the reader an aura of omnipresent knowledge about a subject they know nothing of. of course the paper was very well written *awesome
    • 12/03/2003
    • 21:30:59
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  • Outline or essay ?

    there were a few spelling + grammatical errors but it didnt really affect the readability of the passage.... Also, this seems to be more of an outline format than an essay or formal paper... *( when u reference a page from a book u should put the page # + the authors last name so that it corresponds with your bibliography)
    • 10/02/2003
    • 23:24:23
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  • Great job

    very well written paper.. very informative and interesting. seriously i must say this paper is great!
    • 05/02/2003
    • 08:53:40
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  • Good

    good use of rhetorical questions... but, u should try and vary your transitions when u can - but overall the paper is very well written.
    • 05/02/2003
    • 08:40:26
    • Score: 7 out of 7 people found this comment useful.
  • Nice

    good job grouping and breaking down the information
    • 16/01/2003
    • 19:02:30
    • Score: 10 out of 10 people found this comment useful.