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  • Guns mean higher risk of violence?????

    I am sorry, but you have to be the biggest liberal. You obviously have never actually thought about guns as being a good thing. And to say "Guns are designed for one purpose, and one purpose alone... To kill people" is the worst comment one can make. Guns were originally meant for survival. Without guns you would have never been born! Do you really think that Venison and Turkey just laid down on the table and said "Eat me???" Hell no! I really wish you could live one day of your life when you had to either hunt or die. Which means either have a gun or be eating cabbage fotr the rest of your life. But then again you could be one of those freak vegetarians. I don't think the pilgrims were eating cabbage on those ships.I found "...guns can mean a higher risk of violence stirring around in the streets, at your child's school, or even at your very own place of work..." to be very interesting. When you look at the facts, you will actually find that when there is more people able to obtain guns, the more the crime rate drops. Recently Ohio, where I live, has passed a concealed carry law. This gives rights to carry a firearms anywhere, but must be concealed. IN THE FIRST YEAR ALONE, THE CRIME RATE DROPPED OVER SIXTY PERCENT!!! Now when you get your facts straight, try writing an essay that isn't totally liberal and wants to share the facts!!!
    • 17/10/2004
    • 19:52:28
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  • Ummmm...????

    Okay... I would like to compliment you, but... I can't really find anything to compliment you on. This has to be the worst essay I've ever read. First of all Bush never started the war with Iraq(The homeland of Al-quaida), it seems like you and many other Ferry-Edwards, I meant Kerry-Edwards, followers have forgot a little part of Americas timeline "hmmmmm" lets say SEPTEMBER 11th!! During 9/11 and the beginning of the war according to, over 90% of Americans approved of our PRESIDENT BUSH! Now you have the audacity to put your commander in chief in the same boat as a NAZI?!?!?! I still haven't figured out where you get any comparison. And where do you state your facts, I didn't read one fact or even point that you made that gave any sense to your essey. You have to be a total moron to take this kids essay for anything better than trash! I can't wait to see the look on your face when Bush is elected for a second term, either that or the look when Senator Ferry takes this country straight to hell!
    • 17/10/2004
    • 19:25:11
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  • LOL!

    Really good essey/whatever you wanna call it! You held my attention, i read the whole thing, i have to agree with you on most of them!
    • 12/10/2004
    • 21:13:36
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  • Cite???

    You did not cite any of this. it looks written striaght out of a book if you asked me.
    • 12/10/2004
    • 19:15:02
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  • Explain...

    You usually shouldnot say "I will explain" in the intro. Better to just say your thesis statement.
    • 11/10/2004
    • 14:42:53
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  • Good essey

    I belive this is very well written.
    • 11/10/2004
    • 08:31:02
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