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  • This is not an essay

    You must extend and develop your thoughts more. You've got some really good ideas. Now what you have to do is back up your ideas. Maybe giving some examples would help.
    • 28/11/2004
    • 19:14:52
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  • Insightful

    great job! very thorough analysis of the issue at hand. You might also want to try and apply mazlow's heirarchy to the movitation for the workers
    • 17/10/2004
    • 20:15:13
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  • Disjointed

    The first paragraph seems disjointed - especially going from the first sentence to the second.As well, the third paragraph, although related to the subject of the essay, jumps to the assumption that we know that you are talking about studying in Australia.You must plan out your essay better to make it flow smoothly
    • 17/10/2004
    • 19:49:15
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