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  • Very well earned 94%

    This is a very well written essay. This also happens to be one of my favorite Alice Walker stories, I remember reading this years ago while I was in high school. Keep up the good work.
    • 27/05/2002
    • 14:51:30
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  • Moderation

    Most things in life are okay if taken in moderation. I do not agree with you when you say that no one has been harmed-keep in mind that thousands of people die or are killed every year by drunk drivers. Also, binge driking on college campuses has been an issue that has been studied by the Harvard School of Public Health- 1,400 college students between the ages of 18 and 24 die each year from alcohol related unintentional injuries including motor vehicle crashes-taken from the Journal of American College Helath, VOL 50, No. 5
    • 26/05/2002
    • 22:35:18
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  • :-(

    Lawmaking is a very arduous task and lawmakers do not have the power to spew out random laws! Obviously you are familiar with the site which is a great starting point but instead of setting the tone of you paper as lawmakers made these laws because they can--we all know that that is false, it wouldn't be a democracy if that was the case. You could have validated you claims made in your paper by focusing on the true reasons these laws were enacted. Many of these laws had rational beginning but the problem is that once society got past that issue no one bothered to take them off the books. I think your paper would have been much more interesting if you would have approached it from that angle.
    • 26/05/2002
    • 17:01:19
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  • Works cited?

    overall this is a good essay but keep in mind that you should always cite your refrences-the information contained in your essay is not common knowledge. by citing your refrences you validate the claims made in the text. also, you may inspire someone to further investigate this topic and a works cited page contains a great starting point for research.
    • 26/05/2002
    • 12:27:25
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