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  • Very well written paper

    Wow, what a brilliant essay. Nice job John. Your decriptiveness and excellent breakdown of the poem makes this an A+ essay. I cannot find one mistake making it worthy of something less.
    • 09/01/2005
    • 19:44:15
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  • Nice paper

    Although your essay is informative, i find that there are some gramatical and tense mistakes midway through the paper. Anyone using this essay shoulld try and correct them before submitting. For example,some teachers may not accept teh use of second tense (you) in papers.
    • 09/01/2005
    • 19:38:30
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  • Good job

    Your essay is very good, but it needs to have page #s after each quotation. Proffesors or teachers would usually not accept an essay with un marked quotes. Other than than, the essay is very well written.
    • 09/01/2005
    • 19:29:22
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  • Sites

    You have written a great essay but do u have a bibliography for the citings throughout the paper. In most cases an essay like this has to be turned in with a work cited list. Other than that nice paper.
    • 16/11/2004
    • 14:35:43
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