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  • Missing pictures

    If you download the microsoft word format of this essay the pictures will come with the cars and the essay will fit togather better.
    • 22/11/2004
    • 10:24:28
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  • Disagree

    I Wrote a simialar essay for scool late last year and some esential points were missed such as the mans lack of imagination and his lack of fear. I personaly felt the essay was pourly writen.
    • 17/11/2004
    • 18:55:27
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  • Extra

    You can create your own voltaic pile using coins and paper towel. Mix salt with water (as much salt as the water will hold) and soak the paper towel in this brine. Then create a pile by alternating pennies and nickles. See what kind of voltage and current the pile produces. Try a different number of layers and see what effect it has on voltage. Then try alternating pennies and dimes and see what happens. Also try dimes and nickels. Other metals to try include aluminum foil and steel. Each metallic combination should produce a slightly different voltage.
    • 17/11/2004
    • 18:38:33
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