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  • Book notes and Lecture notes

    those are notes taken from the Book and taken from lectures.I typed them up. I used some info from the book as well as my lecture notes and also put my own words in it to make it easy to remember defenitions for an exam.So this is informational material an overview of definitions so to is not an essay....the rating should be on the info provided and the content.Thanks for your interest.
    • 04/01/2005
    • 21:34:31
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  • Bad Language used in Comments

    I am amazed to see that people are using foul language in comments. Comments should be used to express opinions, make suggestions on writing, and eventually for constructive criticism. People who use offending language should be expelled from this website. It is not ethical. Ever heard about netiquette?
    • 30/11/2004
    • 05:20:54
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