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  • Insufficient.....

    i believe that this essay is insufficient as it doesn' t point out clearly the differences of the educational systems of each country (which happen to be a lot.secondly, the way every educational system is organized depends on the demands of every society.So writing that women didn't go to school or didn't learn to read or to write is inaccurate as a part of the feminine education was that!
    • 03/12/2004
    • 17:32:30
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  • Ok!

    a nice affort but i would say not enough!there are a lot of missing points that i believe that should be mentioned (greece is the bith place of the olympic games, the contribution of the ancient greek tragedy...)a nice approach though!:)
    • 03/12/2004
    • 17:15:21
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  • Could be better....

    although the writter has a alot of informations i believe that there would be a better way to tell them!i could be better written and not just list the information
    • 03/12/2004
    • 16:55:22
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