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  • Great!

    You've done a wonderful job on this essay, and it's a shame that the media will not change its ways to assist stopping these horrible people. Thank you for writing this, I'm glad I stumbled upon this.
    • 18/01/2005
    • 15:49:05
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  • A real wake-up call

    I'm glad that this was written. Now with other media like the movie 'Supersize Me' coming out, more citizens can learn about the growing problem. Very informative, I hope you did well on this essay!
    • 16/12/2004
    • 14:34:46
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  • Definitely a 'super' status essay

    Wow, what a read. You've gone into strong detail for every section of the poem, and really hit the nail on the head with the descriptions of what's going on.Great job :) I'm glad that I took the time to read this badboy.
    • 13/12/2004
    • 18:31:59
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  • Interesting

    This essay was definitely a great read.I'm sure that this is one hot topic that's debated constantly, and you have clearly stated the cold hard facts.I also have to agree with john, the thesis would probably be better if it was merged into the essay more in the beginning. But thank you for writing this, I have quite the assignment on Nuclear Energy coming up, and this has helped me greatly.
    • 13/12/2004
    • 13:11:47
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  • Quite Informative

    Thank you for writing this essay. I've always wondered if I had a slight case of this, and reading your report has helped me learn of some facts that I hadn't known about before.This is definitely a well structured essay, and the introduction was different, but I think it worked well.
    • 11/12/2004
    • 08:02:52
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  • Persuasive

    Well written, it was definitely a nice read. I liked your transitions, and everything else, except that I think saying that homework is a necessary evil may take it a tad bit too far :)Nice essay though!
    • 11/12/2004
    • 07:39:13
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  • Spelling?

    Although this was a well written essay, I must say there were many spelling errors in here.Just an example of some were 'muclear', 'weightd', 'labratory', 'tramendous' and 'prduced'. I'm pretty sure that a 100% mark wasn't achieved with this type of grammar/spelling.Besides the spelling though, good job on the essay.
    • 10/12/2004
    • 10:58:06
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  • Small Problem

    This is generally a good piece of writing, but I think it's a little too small for a grade 13 paper. Besides that, it was a pretty good read.
    • 08/12/2004
    • 12:30:07
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  • Very Detailed

    Nicely done, the quality of this essay looks much higher than anything I have seen in my school for OAC students. You have went into heavy detail, and have succeeded at using varied sentence structures. To sum it up, great job :)
    • 04/12/2004
    • 10:08:50
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  • Very Good

    Good job on this essay!I think you've definitely tackled the main problems that revolve around school uniforms in the world today. My only suggestion, though it may just be me being picky, would be to try finding different words to use instead of constantly repeating 'school uniforms'.But still, you have done a great job.
    • 02/12/2004
    • 11:58:37
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