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  • Very intesting

    This is a good analysis and i must admit the last few lines are quite effective.Thank you for taking the time to read my essays and i very much appreciate it.
    • 08/12/2004
    • 20:58:42
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  • *thumbs up*

    Everyone is shallow to some extent even if half of us cant admit it. At least you can.At least you realise now. Thats good. A very interesting story. The fact that its true makes it even better
    • 08/12/2004
    • 20:54:55
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  • An ok essay

    this essay describes the moral development quite thoroughly and it would be quite useful for anyone who wanted to know anything about moral development as this essay explains all the important aspects
    • 03/12/2004
    • 15:46:51
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  • Good essay

    this essay provides a good description of Leonardo da Vinci. it includes the relevant points and does not go into too much detail of his life story which can get boring most of the time.
    • 02/12/2004
    • 23:42:28
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