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  • Primative but Helpful Essay

    A simply written yet effective essay that provides primitive but solid ideas regarding Worsworth and his Romantic theme. Helpful to anyone new to the topic. Good simple writing
    • 27/01/2005
    • 00:15:54
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  • Basic details only

    The essay is soundly written but takes along time to say not very much. If you have never heard of ADHD, this would be a helpful essay as it really only provides the most obvious details and Im sure most people already know most detail here; except for the fact there are different types of ADHD.
    • 21/01/2005
    • 22:27:12
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  • Gread ideas

    The thoughts and interpretations particularly about Ovid are very interesting and I think well based. 'An Imaginary Life' is a rather inaccessible book and the ideas here are helpfull. However, this essay is a grammatical shambles and needs a lot of editing but it doesnt really matter.
    • 20/01/2005
    • 02:15:02
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  • Comprehenive and Easy to read

    This essay is a soundly constructed evaluation of Paine's Common Sense. Great detail about Pain's literay techniques are given making this essay interesting and informative. Anyone wanting to understand Pain's pivotal Common Sense only has to read this one essay! Excellent
    • 18/01/2005
    • 00:16:01
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  • Interesting story

    Not really an essay, just a an interesting story that is enjotable because of the familiarity of the expereince. Some points made about teching techniques but it doesnt seem to be the main oint of the narrative.
    • 18/01/2005
    • 00:04:06
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  • Unspecific- nothing new said

    The writing style is impressive and the opening paragraph is opens the way for a very interesting arguement. However the essay never proceeds to say anyhting diffrernt only repeat itself and make the most obvious, basic points about discrimination.
    • 17/01/2005
    • 23:49:52
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  • Good thoughts on Deconstruction

    This essay seem to be incomplete. It seems to come in half way. However the final section on desconstruction is very helpful and interesting to furthering an experienced reader's knowledge on the analysis of texts.
    • 15/01/2005
    • 02:14:48
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