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  • Good insight.

    I really enjoyed reading your insight on whether drugs shuold be legalized, and I fully agree with you on most of the issues you raised. A great persuasive essay. Good job!
    • 15/02/2006
    • 20:39:32
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  • Very nice !

    Writing an opinion piece on such a dubious topic could not be done better than this. Brings up both major pros and cons, and states his opinion in a very clear way. Well done man. I learned some new stuff here, and enjoyed it as well !
    • 22/01/2005
    • 17:09:04
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  • A Secret

    Outstanding flow, very lovely and moving. Might be one of the better poems on this site :)Well done.
    • 22/01/2005
    • 17:03:35
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