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  • Great essay.

    Some interesting facts told here and some good home remedies. I always had a hunch that drinking warm beverages without caffeine had something to do with soothing the nerves.
    • 18/09/2005
    • 18:15:24
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  • Great essay.

    Wow that was actually fun to read, and I hate math. Good job.
    • 18/09/2005
    • 18:10:44
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  • Turn of the screw is by henry james

    i think this would've been a better analysis if u got the authors by the right title.. turn of the screw is written by henry james.
    • 20/03/2005
    • 19:41:59
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  • Comment

    I agree with you that the drinking age should be lowered but it's amazing to see how many underaged drinkers there are out there. It's funny how at 18, people are allowed to buy cigarettes but can't drink. When in fact, cigarrettes are more addictive and can cause cancer. Drinking usually only does temporary damage unless the teen is to go out and drink and drive, that's just stupid. This was very well written with good references to citing your source.
    • 24/01/2005
    • 18:01:28
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  • Broadway Shows

    Broadway shows are just great. The attitude of the actors just make you so excited even if you're sitting at the very back corner of the theatre. Nice description of the play.
    • 24/01/2005
    • 17:55:33
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  • Comment

    I really enjoyed reading this analysis. But I think you over used the quotes. it looks like more than half of this essay is quoted from the poem. It was however well written.
    • 24/01/2005
    • 17:51:46
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    I didn't like the way you started this essay with "the purpose of this poem..." or what you meant to say.."the purpose of this essay..." It would have been nice to find a common theme or common motif of the entire poem and analyze it in a way to relate each stanza to each other. I know this is a poem analysis and not a common literary book analysis where u find a theme and formulate a thesis but i think it would be cool to do that for a poem.
    • 24/01/2005
    • 17:46:27
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    I thought this essay was well written. You analyazed the this poem very well. The detail of the analysis was to good extent. I find it difficult to analyse poems on my own and especially to write so much about it. There's always so many metaphors beneath it all.Good job =)
    • 24/01/2005
    • 17:40:51
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  • I love Beethovan

    Beethovan is truly a musical prodigy such as Mozart and many others. I liked the descriptions of the pieces and compared them to those of Haydn's. Hadyn has some very beautiful flute sonatas as well.
    • 24/01/2005
    • 17:31:59
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