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  • No ...

    This essay is not entirely accurate ... actually the author is confused from the beginning. The diplomacy involved pertained to the intimidation of the Soviets, and the militarism was relevant to the unconditional surrender of Japan, this was lost somewhere in the mental processes of "cubana". Sorry but you need to have your facts straight, especially in the intro. Oh, and the grammar used didn't help your case any. Sorry ...
    • 09/03/2005
    • 03:32:28
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  • Superb

    I thoroughly enjoyed this essay. Its subject matter is humorous and the author incorporates additional satire, while keeping a professional tone and providing extensive information concerning castration.
    • 04/03/2005
    • 15:10:17
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  • I approve ... (lol)

    Good essay. I found it to be interesting though no doubt lengthy (but don't worry, I skipped a large portion of the body).
    • 03/03/2005
    • 04:58:02
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  • Not so much ...

    There is obvious knowledge of the event and factual base but the grammar is not upto par. If you're looking for some facts concerning Mexican Independence, this is a good essay but I hope you aren't offended by poor syntax and grammar.
    • 01/03/2005
    • 02:56:56
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