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  • Proper upbringing and socialization

    You are absolutly right. This essay is aboutthe proper upbringing and socialization of a child. I learned a lot when I was doing research for this essay. I hope that is will help me when I decide to have children.
    • 12/03/2005
    • 11:01:30
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  • Pixel_for_life

    Are you in college? Did you finish high school? There is nothing wrong with starting out and essay with "In this essay, we will discuss". My Prof gave us and example essay that he had wrote and it started with that. Unless you are a prof with high standing and know exactly what you are saying than I wouldn't say that anymore. I wouldn't say anything derogatory unless you have proof to back it up!
    • 12/03/2005
    • 08:15:21
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  • WOW that is great

    I really like the way you have expressed the poem and your words used to do so. The grade level is not specified but I would guess that it is about a sophmore to junior in college level. It sounds very sophisticated and realistic. The essay actually has feeling which is hard to do.
    • 12/03/2005
    • 07:36:41
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  • Great issue

    I believe that this is a great issue and it is about time that some light is shed on this subject. I have heard of so many police officers beating people for little and nothing. I believe that police officers should be chosen more wisely and they should have more strict rules.
    • 11/03/2005
    • 21:09:53
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  • Good essay

    This is a good essay. There is some questionable information in it, but it is not word for word. You put the information in your own words so it is not plagorized totally. Plagorism is word for word and as long as yu change the words it is not technically plagorized.
    • 11/03/2005
    • 21:05:57
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  • Suggestion

    The introductory for this essay has good meaning and catches peoples attention.I would reconsider the paragraphs form because it is not really a paragraph. A paragraph has at least 3 sentences. You could jusr rephrase it and instead of using but make it another sentence. You essay has good information and is great for your grade level.
    • 11/03/2005
    • 19:19:27
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  • Under Grade level

    I have read your essay and believe that it is more at the level of a sophmore in college than a senior. Your use of terms could have been better and more sophisticated. To raise your grades on papers I would consider using the thesaurus to find better words if you can't think of them yourself. There is no shame in using the thesaurus to find words more appropriate for your level of schooling.
    • 11/03/2005
    • 19:11:10
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  • Great Essay

    I am in college for business right now and got a lot of good information from your essay. I have a 4.0 GPA and tend to be picky with my information needs. You essay is one of the only essays that I have read that I even considered to be great. It takes a lot to impress me and you have. I imagine that your teacher was very pleased as well.
    • 11/03/2005
    • 18:59:57
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