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  • Pretty good!

    This already an "A" paper, but you could go higher with better spelling, looks like tha only thing wrong with it.
    • 27/06/2002
    • 19:57:39
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  • This one deserved a better grade

    Well-written, solid information and facts, no obvious technical/mechanical errors. Good work in this one.
    • 27/06/2002
    • 19:49:37
    • Score: 5 out of 5 people found this comment useful.
  • Wow! is 13th grade a remedial class or what?

    You spelling is simply terrible and your technical errors make me wonder if you've ever actually touched a guitar.-The wood the fretboard is made of has nothing to do with how fast the metal frets wear. You can re-fret a guitar and thousands of people do it every year.-The tuning peg differences with regard to how well the guitar stays in tune are largely due to differences in gear ratio and tightness in the gears. Lifespan and breakability of the pegs is determined largely by quality of the metal in them.-You do not string the Les Paul by running the string through the tuning peg then down the fretboard to the bridge. It's exactly the other way around.-The Gibson Tune-O-Matic bridge doesn't have "better" intonation than the Floyd Rose. In fact, it's probably a push between them, with perhaps a slight edge to the Floyd.-Intonation has nothing to do with how well the strings "stay" in tune, but rather how close to true tuning you can get it as you play notes further up the neck.-Strings DO NOT "wear out" from being tuned again and again due to cyclic stretching as you describe it. In fact, a new set of strings will stretch a little (put several dozen pounds force of tension on that .009 inch thick piece of metal, of course it will stretch) and it's perfectly okay. Strings "wear out" due to the dirt and grime and corrosion that builds up on them from your hands.-The Floyd Rose tremelo tailpiece/bridge was designed specifically to overcome the problems that you say it actually causes.You'd be lucky to get a 65% from me.
    • 27/06/2002
    • 19:12:52
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  • It's Pierce BROSNAN for christ-sake!

    This one blows but I'm not really sure why I guess I've just never liked it. Doesn't deserve the grade it got.
    • 27/06/2002
    • 17:41:45
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  • Uhhh...I know the story, tell me what it means

    I seriously doubt that the point of the essay is to re-tell the story in this fashion. Talk about what this story says to you. Talk more about the conflict in tha jury room. Analyze why things happened. What did the hold-out jurors feel? How does this story equste to everyday life?
    • 27/06/2002
    • 17:22:55
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  • This got 100%?

    Wow! So much for the educational system in wherever this came from.Wasted words, throw-away comments, snide asides all add up to padding to meet the 500 word minimum. Probably written at the last minute after very minimal research.How about some timelines for when these things happened? Get serious about the geographical information. How does the geographical information link to the terrible atrocities which happened? Did any other countries have any involvement?I'd have given it a 75 at best.
    • 27/06/2002
    • 17:08:48
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  • Well done!

    Excellent synopsis of Bradbury's book. Writers sometimes find it difficult to express why they like a book, as this one does, because it often comes down to feelings.I'd suggest a closer spell-check (there are a few incorrect spellings) and a tightening-up of the ending. I'd also give a little higher grade (certainly an "A") than a 90% with it exactly as it is.
    • 27/06/2002
    • 16:55:59
    • Score: 7 out of 8 people found this comment useful.
  • Great set of facts, but...

    it doesn't really go anywhere. I think this one missed the subject and could be improved significantly, but the writer's knowledge of Indian history is evident
    • 27/06/2002
    • 16:48:03
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  • I'll give it a 87... It's got a good beat and you can dance to it...

    I would estimate this paper would get a 90% or better if you were to proof-read carefully. Never turn in a paper with incorrect spelling. Also, read it aloud. You'll catch those awkward turns of phrase and misused words.You've hit some real good points about this issue.
    • 26/06/2002
    • 16:53:09
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  • Thesis and body don't match, but...

    Good material and the writing is well-done. It seems to me that you completely missed the subject, which could have been paraphrased: "How does the behavior of the "Top Dog" in the organization affect the behavior of subordinates?" Instead you made a few disjointed statements about how important organizational behavior is before and after a well-written body. Of course organizational behavior is important, but that wasn't the question/topic. And I believe the words you were searching for were "The STUDY of organizational behavior is important."If I were grading it, I would be suspicious about what parts were you and what parts were...well, not you. Especially in light of the two distinct writing voices present.Did you get this from a frat/sorority "paper bank"? Or do those even exist these days?
    • 20/06/2002
    • 17:27:41
    • Score: 8 out of 8 people found this comment useful.
  • Grinding an axe?

    I gave it a smiley face, but just barely. It felt like you started with a preconception and found what you already knew to be true. (Does that make sense?) Of course, that's allowed, but it put me off. Perhaps I would have liked it better if the writing had been the quality I expected from "college" level work. It wasn't.
    • 19/06/2002
    • 20:27:13
    • Score: 4 out of 4 people found this comment useful.
  • Good snapshot

    This reads like a script for a radio spot or a TV voiceover. Have you thought about using this series of essays as a "Dominion Day" history thing for mass media?There are a few rough spots, and I would clean up the ending a little, but it's very good.
    • 19/06/2002
    • 20:13:21
    • Score: 9 out of 10 people found this comment useful.