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  • Needs more support.

    I belive it should be legalized, you say that if it was, the pimps would still beat their "merchandise" for lack of a better word. One of the main reasons it would be lagalized is to stop this, they wouldn't need pimps to support them, bail them out of jail, etc... My experiences with the bunny ranch near vegas is that both parties need very recent test for disease. So it would go down. Also violent crimes of rape, and even child molestation would drop. If some looser can't find a women he wont have to rape them, he can simply "relieve" himself in this way. Also the government spends millions of dollars a year fighting, and prosecuting them, also fighting the pimps that abuse, and sell them drugs. Why not fight a war thats impossible to win, legalize it and tax the service so they can make money.
    • 05/04/2005
    • 00:01:02
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