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  • Essay

    This paper is basically a summary of the story, word for word. I think you should include an interpretation of it or something, otherwise it seems kind of useless...
    • 20/12/2006
    • 13:04:53
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  • Teens

    "They displace a person's former identity. They then replace it with a new one." should be: They displace a person's former identity and replace it with a new one."Two-thirds of the members of these groups are ordinary people." How do you define "ordinary," what is the age group, sex, marital status, do they have children, do they use drugs?I think that majority of people that join cults are teenagers, since they usually feel left out, and look to find a place where they belong.
    • 28/11/2006
    • 14:21:51
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  • Syntax

    "Originally named after the forbidden fruit, or apple sticking out of Adam, the first parent, when people lose their there voices, they often blame their Adam's apple." That one sentence should be separated and developed into 2 or even 3 sentences. Maybe something like:"Adam's apple" was originally named after the forbidden fruit that Adam, the first parent, had eaten from the Tree Of Knowledge. It is normally assummed that the change of men's voice is due to the growth of their Adam's apple. Another misconception... etc.
    • 27/11/2006
    • 14:31:10
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  • College

    Nice work! However, some colleges also have dorms. And what if you live near a university and a community college? what would most people choose?
    • 26/11/2006
    • 01:14:13
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  • Happiness - it's all relative

    Technology is always going to be part of the society; it brings comodities which make people happy. Of course there's spiritual happiness; however, comodities that technology brings will always be part of the "overall" happiness of human beings. ex. what would you do without electricity, gas or tap water?
    • 24/11/2006
    • 00:42:16
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  • Theme

    "love between an old couples in faded when time pass." I suppose you meant: love between an old COUPLE faded as time passed. The name of the poem should probably capitalized. And the whole text could benefit from more transition words.
    • 21/11/2006
    • 16:18:51
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