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  • Stupid

    i dont think asking 11-14 year olds abotu rape matters. they dont know crap. THEY ARE 11-14!
    • 23/04/2003
    • 23:01:50
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  • Good Essay

    That was a very well written essay and it shows that you researched it and found your facts in various places which show you are concerned. Your essay is short and to the point and does not go on and on about mindless crap.
    • 21/02/2003
    • 18:11:23
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  • Wonderful

    It is great that you add Scriptures to show truth to the topic. You proved your point in saying that gossip is a thing to avoid and had God's Word to back you up. You show great spirituality and faith and you also show intelligence in solving a problem.
    • 16/07/2002
    • 21:01:37
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  • Interesting

    Although I do not know why anybod would want to write an essay on a circumcsison because if I did turn in a essay like that to my teacher i would surely be suspended but I was surprised and the writers knowledge of a circumscison... the article gives a bountiful amount of information that I did not know and found very interesting... I show respect for the writer for their capability of creating such a interesting essay out of a - weird -subject.
    • 15/07/2002
    • 02:35:05
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