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  • Needs Big Opener

    Needs a better opening paragraph. Doesn't really have a thesis statement that makes way for rest of essay. Strongly disagree with opening sentence on definition of drug abuse. Doesn't have to be overuse, can mean wrong use. Where drugs are concerned, any use, be it for pleasure or addiction, is considered abuse of the product.
    • 18/07/2002
    • 11:10:52
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  • Realism of publix essay

    Although this essay may be helpful to people of florida and the area, it will be of no help at all because of the chains exclusiveness to florida. Some of the points brought up were thoughtful, such as the idea of the liqour and varied ethnic foods. However, some were a little far fetched, such as Free Valet parking. Very Very doubtful. The kind of people that expect valet parking are a roughly different crowd than the average Publix shopper. People need to go grocery shopping, they will park no matter what, I doubt Free Valet parking would benefit the store at all or bring extra customers. Also, live carts would probably be out of the question, think of the obvious risks associated with having motor carts available in parking lots; kids running off with them, driving them around, damaging vehicles, it would not be a pretty picture. Oh, also check into the misspelled words and stuff with this essay.
    • 18/07/2002
    • 01:55:19
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