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  • WELL DONE!!!

    ......."If you rely on pressure to make decisions, what will you do when a decision is unpopular, or when no one is looking?"I want to say that this is one of THE most helpful and informative papers I have seen as of yet here. It is well written, coherent from intro to conclusion, and contains an in depth, honest perspective into the subject ethics. It intimately illustrates how one's personal ethics, or lack thereof, can create a ripple effect extending into society. The above sentence is painfully true to read, but absolute, nonetheless. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful work with us!
    • 19/11/2005
    • 18:29:19
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  • Thank You!

    I was browsing through for some ideas to include in my upcoming data analysis project when I came across this. When I scanned it, I realized that I was just about to write a 10 page thesis paper incorrectly! This is exactly the type of project our instructor assigned, yet I apparently had a mistaken perception of the information & organization of such needed for it. SO thank you for including this! You saved me from submitting a totally incorrect paper that would have surely sent me packing back to mom's & dad's!
    • 06/11/2005
    • 00:03:36
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  • What purpose does this serve?

    Obviously a huge oversight has occurred for this series of questions with vague answers to have been posted. I hope the author will follow up with some conclusions.
    • 05/11/2005
    • 07:09:06
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  • Very Inspiring.

    I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this work. I first thought that it was a fictional short story. The first paragraph was mysterious yet inviting, and most definitely grabbed my attention.This essay proves case and point the significance of understanding the difference between fearing and tolerating diversity, and truly appreciating and embracing it. Overall, I found this paper to be enlightening and feel that it can only benefit anyone else who has the pleasure of reading it.
    • 24/10/2005
    • 17:30:10
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  • Very Nice piece of work here!

    This essay fairly & accurately addresses an extremely sensitive topic. The author allows the reader a raw and humanistic glimpse into the rationale attached to the differing views of a multi-faceted ethical debate. Furthermore, the author encourages and promotes individuals to make an informed decision based on several factors aside from only one's faith. Introspective, informative with well documented sources, would be an ideal platform from which to form a speech or argumentative paper. Excellent paper.
    • 24/10/2005
    • 17:16:46
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  • Nice job.

    This essay examines the figuratively implied question of "Which came first: the chicken or the egg?" with respect to the influences of film on society and visa versa. Although it feels a bit generalized, it does include some pertinent and useful information. Overall, I think that it fulfills its purpose most efficiently when viewed as an informal persuasive essay.
    • 24/10/2005
    • 17:01:45
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  • Compelling & Organized; Excellent!

    I found this paper to be extremely well thought out and organized; author successfully conceptualizes and communicates information objectively and accurately. A bit outdated, but clearly serves as a well-rounded view of the founder of the largest retailer in the U.S., his vision, ethics, and strategies. Also well cited. An intriguing paper for all intent and purposes.Thanks! This was an invaluable tool for understanding the "bigger picture" of organizational management in my current course.
    • 24/10/2005
    • 16:51:54
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  • Great Paper.

    This paper is very informative and well organized. It construes the intended information with careful thought and planning. Well Done and Thanks!
    • 20/09/2005
    • 00:35:43
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  • Mission accomplished.

    As per my perception, the purpose of this essay was to provide several different views to the possible origins of the earth and man. Being well researched, well cited, and well read, I feel that the author succeeded in doing so, by contrasting those varying views. This is an essay, which is supposed to be a reflection of the author's opnions.
    • 30/08/2005
    • 20:32:56
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