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  • Take a look around

    check this website:
    • 19/05/2005
    • 17:10:18
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  • Old school

    thanks for you research, Now i know the beginning of the violence in movies, now we're so used to it that no blood or human pieces can impress us. I don't know if it is a good or a bad thing like you said... opinions are...
    • 19/05/2005
    • 17:02:18
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  • Smoking or not smoking

    I'm a little smoker...but i don't really know how effective can be more pictures on the package. Everybody knows that smoking is not good, that the skin get old early, that you can die, whatever. but is always something far away. And putting picture of a nicotine addicted-lung is not worth. If i don't want to see the picture is enough to cover the package (a lot of nice boxes are around), and as well, is a picture of somebody else lung...not mine... Your essay is good, you have a good point, but the graphic is not the most important way to make the people quit smoking (just to let you know...i'm a designer...i know something about graphics) We are so used to violent and aggressive pictures that nobody will care about it (i course is a completely personal point of view)
    • 19/05/2005
    • 16:51:23
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  • Discussion..

    The essay was a good composite of the bibliography... but is really missing the discussion about the topic!
    • 19/05/2005
    • 16:42:43
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  • Simple life..

    it is perfectly true...but in and ideal world, everybody needs somebody... but to live in these world you have to be able to stand up by yourself. Sad but true... but in this case your faith can help you.
    • 19/05/2005
    • 16:24:57
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  • Beauty and poetry

    It's a good list about what everybody can do with their own body, and what was done in the past, but i think is really missing the philosophy and the poetry behind beauty and body decoration. Religion, passions, philosophy, ideas, status. communication... the best part is missing...
    • 19/05/2005
    • 16:19:30
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