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  • Hi again.

    I m a PHD student who studies Economy around the world. There is no point for me to deduct any point from u. I just want to teach you that Canada's economy history is not that simple, the Americans did so much to help Canada and Australia in the past. However, you didnt ' do much research, since there is no references at all in your essay that supports your own thought. Do you agree?? I'm not against you or anything here.. plz read throught this book -" Canada and the First World War", edited by David MacKenzie ... then u'll know what i am trying to tell you and u might THINK what u really wrote is right or wrong
    • 03/10/2005
    • 00:57:35
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  • Immature!

    This is only your own thought, u know nothing about the world...without America, Canada's economy will go dead...and same with Australia. however Australia is much better than Canada now.
    • 02/10/2005
    • 08:06:03
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  • What?

    This is not an carefully...its study notes!
    • 02/10/2005
    • 07:54:55
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  • Hi

    do you have essays about International HRM and Domestic HRM
    • 26/07/2005
    • 09:31:35
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