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  • Excellent Essay

    this essay has been brilliantly constructed, it was great as a supplementary to reading He Kaw Teh, and about interpreting strict and absolute liability. it was an effective aid in obtaining a further understanding.
    • 19/06/2009
    • 10:28:43
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  • NSW syllabus

    this is a report that is specifically addressing the Australian NSW syllabus topics for PDHPE and only details performance issues relevant to the syllabus headings and subheadings. do not take this as an actual report on all relevant performance issues. but received a 95% mark.
    • 17/04/2009
    • 03:53:04
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  • Good, but still needs some work.

    I think that this essay is not bad at all. Although it is mainly a retelling of the past it is still effective. Also, the use of the phrase "It feels incredibly right that criminals should be shot" is not appropriate. Doesn't matter, you always learn from your mistakes. Good Job!
    • 25/08/2005
    • 03:52:04
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  • Interesting information

    This is a great essay. It has put up a lot of relevant issues covering the topic of obesity in todays society but it has stereotyped people in certain situations and has not brought up the alteernative to these lifestyles and diets. Other than this it is a well written topic.Keep up the good work.
    • 23/08/2005
    • 23:47:11
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  • This was very usefull

    This topic has obviously been studied,it is an unquestionable and very informing piece of work.nice!
    • 23/08/2005
    • 03:16:26
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