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  • The Nervous System:

    Very interesting. written in simple laymans terms.
    • 22/01/2003
    • 23:35:22
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  • Relationships

    very interesting and thought provoking.well done Question what happens when the relationship changes from the sterio type relationship box eg the preast goes shopping for you? or your football team mate moves next door to your house or starts to work with you professionally?
    • 22/11/2002
    • 17:31:37
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  • William wadsworth's poem "I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud"

    You described the poem Beautifully, your interpritation of the poem was different to mine, yours fitted better.well done
    • 18/11/2002
    • 22:16:54
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  • Where does the pursuit of Greatness of ourself lead to?

    Greatness comes from hard work, determination and single mindedness.
    • 27/10/2002
    • 09:50:43
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  • What peer pressure is how it affects us

    An interesting story. I wonder how many people have been in this situation?Where they have done something they should not have done and became more in bother because they did or saw something else?Question did your sisters get asked the question about you going out and also about the smashed window?
    • 25/09/2002
    • 15:17:16
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  • Cola Wars, International. COKE vs. PEPSI

    A well set out essay with lots of interesting research used. i would be nice to see comarisons agsinst % of lemonade or fresh orange juice too get a clear picture.and also see a % of none branded coke as well. a good comparison would be to look at and compare with the leading beer brand in these countries.
    • 17/09/2002
    • 19:40:59
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  • Social revolution

    This is a very good thought provoking essay. I wish you well in your quest and hope you can get support by using cheathouse to promote your ideas.Ps I am a white man and wish you well.I have had first hand problems when i used to date a very attractive asian girl people would call us names spit at us and push us a side. i was not accepted by the Asians she was not accepted by the whites. so best of luck
    • 17/09/2002
    • 19:31:00
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  • Cigarettes:Not your Friend. Advice Essay in Heatlth

    A very good well as the health problems associated withsmoking think about relationship problems. after dating a girl who smoked for 6 months i have decided not to date another girl who smokes because: it was like kissing an ash tray just think would a smoker kiss an ash try ? of course not so why should we? her hands and feet were always cold because of blood restriction because of smoking and i suffere from asthma when i used to visit her house. now we fell out i dont suffer any more. its not worth dating a smoker as well as what i have told you. you should think of the dangers of passive smoking. date a smoker? not likely!!
    • 17/09/2002
    • 19:22:50
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  • Communication NEW

    i was looking for non verbal communication found your essay Very is a shame you didnt mention non verbal communication it was the only form of communication you missed
    • 13/09/2002
    • 00:28:55
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  • Gender and Communication: Miscommunication between men and women,

    Interesting essay. a good book to read on this subject is Men are from Mars Weomen are from Venus, By John interesting point took from the book when a woman keeps score, no matter how big or small a gift of love is, it scores one point, each gift has an equal value. so a new car cost £10,000 is worth one point a bunch of flours cost £10 is worth one point. this is where i have been going wrong, from now i am going to give more Floweres and save my money
    • 11/09/2002
    • 19:56:19
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  • How Social Environment affects Lifestyle,

    An interesting theory. I think this would apply to any country not just the US. The poor always have to work harder to get to where the rich or high class people start from. because of there lack of contacts and just knowing how to gain admissions to the correct schools / colleges. and then getting the right jobs.
    • 11/09/2002
    • 19:47:07
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  • The Religious Crusades

    Excelent Essay great research.I researched this subject about 10 years ago. I followed a path from St johns Ambulance Brigade in the uk. right back to the crusades.and learnt about knights of st john, Knights Templers, & Knights Hospitalers. there is lots of evidence in London and scotland uk especially there churches. In Malta in the medrtarian there is still lots of Evidence that the Knights of st john was based there eg the maltease cross.
    • 11/09/2002
    • 18:39:37
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  • An issue proposal on the shortage of nurses.

    a very good essay.I understand what you are saying, I wanted to enter the profession but was put off by friends that was in nursing and regretting doing the job.Junior Doctors are in the same boat.Too many hours worked,too much pressure.They do see a light at the end of the tunnel in the fact that the more experienced they get or promotions they get the work load becomes less and of course the pressure become less where as the nurses have to carry on the same. keep up the good work nurses we could not cope with out you.
    • 10/09/2002
    • 20:01:44
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  • The Importance of communication Skills in a Relationship

    Excelent essay - I wish i knew about this a few months ago. it might have saved my long term relationship. Love is not just saying you love them when you feel like it. it is saying i love you and proving it all the time. woemen give you a point for every nice nice thing you do you dont get 2 points for a huge thing like a car just one point so do lots of small things and get plenty of points. take from men are from mars weomen are from venus. by john Gray.
    • 10/09/2002
    • 12:03:50
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  • Student Roles and Responsibilities for the Masters of Counseling,

    you have not told me anthing about counselling in your essay apart from what you would get in the introduction manual when you enroled on the course.sorry but thats how i felt after reading your essay
    • 09/09/2002
    • 20:04:17
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  • Advertisements

    good essay. adveritisements dont just help to sell products, they also help to change peoples opionion of things eg The General elecrions in the uk - all parties spend millions of pounds of tv. radio and press advertising to let the voters know what each canadate stands for and what he/she will do for them if elected.
    • 09/09/2002
    • 15:15:16
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  • Creativity theories: skinner vs. maslow

    Excelent piece of work.Skinner, Maslow, Patric & Bergquist all in one essay!! you have done a lot of home work. It would be nice to see the Bibliography.!!!
    • 05/09/2002
    • 17:56:05
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  • Anorexia and bulimia: an overview of the disorder

    Excellent essay. the main point you mentioned was trust as a therapist you can only help them once you have gained their trust.what you didnt mention was the use of Hypnotherapy to help them gain confidence in themselves. and regression if there is a problem in the past that their mind have covered up.
    • 04/09/2002
    • 17:50:44
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  • Designing Effective Training Programs

    An other reason for training Employees is to get all employees working at the same standard. and also to motivate depending on the course you are teaching and of course the company aims. not just for the branch you are working at but all the branches / depot's in the company. I am a trainer for a large muti national company.
    • 31/08/2002
    • 04:10:47
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  • "Pre-employment Screening,"

    A good. there essay is other types of interview / assessments that are used for spacific jobs eg when i was intervied for sale's related jobs at the first interview I had to Stand on a platform or stand infront of the rest of the canadates and tell them as well as the interviewers: what i have done in the past my good pointsand why I should have the job,This was very nerve racking this could have put many people off - which i found out later was its aim the companies only wanted Extroverts who could stand infront of people and present them selves and there company
    • 31/08/2002
    • 03:55:51
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  • Explain why cultural diversity is important in a college education.,"

    a good essay!! I understand what you are going through I lived in a small town in the Uk that had a large Asian population I have seen it from both sides the whites and the Asian's. I m glad you have broke the mold and formed your own opinion. "from a small seed a great oak tree grows" hope fully the oaktree of change will grow quickly!!
    • 31/08/2002
    • 01:11:54
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  • Hamlet; main idea /themes, and "To be or not to be" speech. one shorter essay on Emily Dickinson.

    Excelent!! I have see the Play, read the book and have just read an excelent review of the play. followed by Emily Dickinsons poem, I have not read any thing by Emily for a lot of years. thank you for reminding me.
    • 30/08/2002
    • 16:04:59
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  • Essay about Jacksonians Presidency and what A Jacksonian Democracy is (timed essay

    An interesting piece of say "HE refused to enact a ruling by the courts in favor of the indians" it would have been nice to let us know what this ruling was.
    • 30/08/2002
    • 15:52:31
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  • Communication Skills Essay

    It wuld have been nice to tell people more about none verbal communication and what it means eg. if aperson covers his mouth or face while talking it could mean he is telling a lie or is about to tell a lie notice i said could mean you would have to look at other parts of the body to back your observations up eg crossed legs.
    • 28/08/2002
    • 16:02:35
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  • How the Internet is a black hole that sucks it's victims into isolation

    YoA very interested history of the said It draws people away from Human contact! these people probably was drawn away before the internet was popular they probably watched TV or Video's or played computer games or play station or prior to all these the probably read books for hours.These victums as you call them have probably been around since befor e the internet. I think the internet has much more positive aspects than negitive aspects. if we didnot have the internet we woulnt have!!!
    • 28/08/2002
    • 15:43:07
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  • Symbolism in the Wizard of OZ

    Very interesting Story!! your theory Wizard = president. Emerald city = Washington dc. Wicked witch = bankers.very cleaver but does it materhow it was thought of?? The story Wizard of oz is a very good story and has lasted the critic's of time I saw enjoy the book and dont think of how or why it was made.
    • 28/08/2002
    • 15:24:44
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  • Communication, the mechanistic perspective

    None Verbalcommunication: absence of words does not mean that there is absence of communication. The way we stand, Walk, Talk - fast, slow confidently, head up high, head looking down wards, smiling or not smiling all give signals to other people. excelent essay!! well researched.
    • 28/08/2002
    • 11:51:42
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  • Censorship In Music Today - Both Sides of the Argument

    Excelent Essay!!The problem with cencership is if you Bann a record people will want to listen to the record to see why it was banned. which could make it more popular than if it wasnt banned. E.G Frankie Goes to Holiwood in the 80's had a record banned from all the major radio stations. because of this it became a huge hit and sold millions of records. The major stations were then forced to play thee record because of public demand.
    • 26/08/2002
    • 05:35:50
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  • Aspirin

    The facts you gave mostly true apart from one major mistake.You said do not take Asprin for preventing an Heart attack because it may cause another hazard. if you dont you may die of another heart attack. i think this is more seriouse than "another hazard" The medical world has been prescribing Asprin for Preventing hertattack for many years, it is also in lots of first aid manuals.its up to you Another hazard or Death???
    • 22/08/2002
    • 17:17:46
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  • How is communication conducted and used

    a good factual essay. it would have been nice to learn more about "None verbal Communication" the essence of communication is the transmitting and receiving of information through a common syatem of symbols whether in the form of writing or other signs, expressive movements or the spoken word.stoner 1982 defined communication as "the process by which people attempt to share meaning via the transmission of symbolic messages"
    • 21/08/2002
    • 17:38:00
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  • What every successful person needs to succeed

    a Very interesting subject. You mentiond 2 great men of out time ben Franklin & Abraham Lincoln both have had many books and stories about them published. Abraham lincold said to be Sucessful to also have to be an Effective communicator. learn to speak and write clearly, short presentations are better received than long ones. Be Credible, use stories, analogies and imagery a picture paints a 1000 words. Consider the consequences of your message and improve your ability a little bit every day
    • 21/08/2002
    • 17:21:57
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  • Report on Information Architecture based on the text: Rosenfeld, L & Morville, P. (1997).

    I feel like i need to develop a site and become an Information Architect. A great piece of work. i am studying to be an IT Adult teacher i will show this to my future classes - hopefully it will inspire them.
    • 21/08/2002
    • 16:20:28
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  • Beyond the Storm, Book Review

    I found the review very interesting written by an American looking at your comments i can see what you are saying. using your life as an example eg your brother. who has been fighting the Arab war. was this cruel statemnet on sept 11 just about oil?? I think not.
    • 20/08/2002
    • 17:51:09
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  • Internet Privacy and business ethics

    Very interesting. you say we need moral & ethical guidelines and legal protection. I say Tell people what you want to tell them not what they want to know. these people who give there personal details to receive free gifts??? do they not know you never get a free lunch!!!
    • 19/08/2002
    • 19:47:09
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  • Tax Cuts of 2000/2001: Good or Bad for the Economy.

    You cant blame Bush for bad tax cuts, they would probably be ok if the tragic events of Sept 11 2001 had not have happened.who could have visulised that tragic day- no normal person not even in his nightmares.
    • 19/08/2002
    • 18:10:42
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  • History of the english language - word origins

    Well Ive been Been talking English for 38 years (all of my life) and did not know where it came from. now i know why the french call English the Bastard Language.well done ashlee You should get A for this one
    • 19/08/2002
    • 17:55:21
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  • Divorce in todays society.

    Very interesing i would have thought there would be more remarriages than you said. I wonder if the same applys to the uk?
    • 18/08/2002
    • 17:58:44
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