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  • Bias

    You talk about dictators as if they are a bad thing, most of the people in these countries worship their leader, although i will admit some are forced to. Castro has done great things for his country and the american government would be very unwise to try anything such as they have done in iraq. Stalin was a great leader for the russians, Hitler was also a great leader until he went insane. There are always two sides to a story, this essay should show that.
    • 02/06/2003
    • 20:10:15
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  • Great

    This is a great analysis, i really enjoyed reading it, keep it up :D
    • 02/06/2003
    • 03:59:09
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  • Overall good

    Overall this essay is quite good, however the conclusion is somewhat lacking, and leaves the essay open ended.
    • 01/06/2003
    • 01:24:09
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