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    This is a very detailed and articulate essay. You have produced some good insight and accurately explored the character of Hamlet. My only advice would be to not focus so much on plot summary, as when you write a analytical essay, you assume that your audience is familiar with the work. Other than that, this is a great essay.
    • 29/08/2002
    • 22:55:44
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    I though that this essay had a great amount of information and was a good resource. However, the thing that bothered me is that you used a personal pronoun to begin the essay. A different approach might make it a better essay, in my opinion. For example, instead of saying, "In this paper I have chosen three historical documents that have played a role in defining significant issues in American history," you could instead say something like, "Throughout American history three historical documents have played crucial roles in defining significant issues." Just a though, its nothing major, but it may improve you r grade who knows =P
    • 27/08/2002
    • 02:38:09
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