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  • Logic Wins Over Hysteria

    This thought provoking essay put forth many excellent poins about which I hadn't thought before. It deserves a careful read.The author is nonjudgemental in his exploration of the issue, rather, employing logic and counterpoint to argue in favor of a common sense solution to a problem of hysteria.Excellent presentation
    • 09/09/2003
    • 07:06:51
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  • This is a lucid essay

    Informative, interestingly presented, and thought provoking, I especially liked the personal examples. The casual style and smooth flow combine to create an example of a grade "A" paper.
    • 19/09/2002
    • 22:15:02
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  • Fascinating Essay

    The same Saddam who will be facing American Armor in the streets of Bagdad, should a war with the US break out, is spotlighted here. This paper has stimulated my curiousity, causing me to want to investigate closer the Iran/Iraq conflict with which I am only vaguely familiar with from newspaper accounts at the time.Well done, author. You held my attention from top to bottom, no skimming.
    • 19/09/2002
    • 14:18:55
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  • Re: disorganized

    This essay was intended to point the reader in the direction of a more in-depth paper, not stand alone to its theme. As to being disorganized - I see the critic's point, but when it was written, I was also working against a space limitation as well as a time factor. The assignment was "Write a social commentary entirely from your own experience."It would be up to a student who uses this essay to flesh it out into a full blown study, just by researching and confirming or rebutting the points made.
    • 17/09/2002
    • 14:23:37
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  • Welcome to student life 101

    This fascinating peek into the sometimes frustrating and workaday world of a High School student can serve as a model for any student wishing to communicate real-time feelings to his teacher in an appropriate manner.There are several ways that the essay might be improved upon: Start or participate in a student Internet poll on homework and the student, research expert opinion on the subject through a topical Google search, keywords "Homework" and "expert opinion" (don't laugh, simple is better). Finally, an essayist tackling this topic might poll his own friends for quotes and thoughts. Teens are insightful among themselves. Then, poll teachers for their opinions as counterpoint.This particular essay should stimulate future more in depth essays when it is picked up by students as reference.
    • 12/09/2002
    • 11:02:24
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  • The first comment

    I have no trouble finding bits of enjoyment out of this author's work. I have even been critized (in good fun) for liking such bare bones essays. My reasoning for favorable comment has been more along the lines of how such an esssay would stimulate an eight through twelve year old, or an English as second language student to improve on the basic encyclopedia-copy style prose in the presentation, especially in light of the fact that one or the other might easily be the author.The first comment to this piece really maed me angry, though. It was deliberately dummied down, either as a mockery to the simplicity of the piece, or as an attempt to praise the piece while disguising the writing style of the reviewer. Possibly, the intent was to discredit the author of the piece itself. I do not know, but I strongly recommend that the first reviewer be ignored and that the piece, however elementary be judged on its own merit and not on sophomoric attempts to pervert the review process.Authors who come here are already in struggle as it is. Must we grind their faces in the mud?
    • 08/09/2002
    • 19:14:54
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  • This essay is good and bad

    What a shame that such a complex and comprehensive thought-line should be riddled with spelling errors. The word "Divorse" for "Divorce" the word "effected" for affected" are two glaring examples.The essay itself is well presented, well researched and will provide excellent base material for one's own thesis. Suggestion: If you plan to turn it in as is, run it through a spelling checker :)
    • 05/09/2002
    • 10:17:17
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  • I didn't know that . . .

    However elementary this essay is as a whole, I honestly didn't know about the butterfly damage thing, which in turn maed the read worthwhile.It should probably be noted that the world of insects is a world of engineering improbability.Worth investigating as an aside to the existing central theme might be the vision of a fly, the areodynamics of the bumblebee and the dragonfly, or any of the other many miraculous adaptations of insects to their own environ which might be applicable to the human order of existence.Good job, author, now it's time for a student rewrite with detailed elaboration.
    • 04/09/2002
    • 21:45:03
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  • Levels of Information

    This essay thoughtfully covered the most well known, tried and trued and least controversial punishments for offenses. I had no expectation of deeper analysis. I am surprised that the largely ineffective but politically popular "Capital Punishment" was not mentioned. Long touted as a deterrant, it certainly seems not to have slowed the murder rate in Texas.Juvenile Justice, as illustrated by the current "King Brothers" trial in Pensacola, FL, has always been a shambles, as jurists and politicians struggle to be fair to minors in trouble, and seldom succeeding.These are issues that could flesh out a factual, but otherwise flat essay.
    • 04/09/2002
    • 10:08:05
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  • Chapter 8 Plot Summary: Lord of the Flies by William Golding

    This thoughtful analysis of a pivitol point in the novel reviewed makes me want to go back and reread this timeless classic. Bravo to the author for being able to present such powerful stimulation.
    • 03/09/2002
    • 17:29:36
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  • The History of Apple and it's Macintosh Computer

    The author seems to be writing from a Mac biased perspective, rather than an unslanted historical view. There were many failures and mis-steps on Apple's bumpy journey to PC peerdom, not the least of which was the $100 million loan from Microsoft to Apple to help shore up its sagging cash flow.Beyond that, though, the author has captured a little of how exciting those times were from a Mac point of view. His enthusiasm mirrors that of Mac users everywhere.Worthy of mention, as a contribution to the success of the Mac as a product line, should be Adobe's suite of desktop publishing software. PageMaker, Photo Shop Illustrator and associated programs gave rise to a Mac dominated graphic design industry that in turn spelled doom for high ticket dedicated typography machinery such as the Compugraphic, and other wet immersion style systems. Combined with the advent of laser printer technology, which in turn doomed impact/ribbon typesetting, the Mac dominated and to a large degree still does dominate most phases of what the printing industry calls "Pre-press." Seldom will there be a PC dependent ad agency, magazine (or other) publisher and when you find one, a Mac and peripherals will likely stand between it and the final printing press.These are important points when considering the impact of the Mac on 20th Century computing as well as it's future place as a PC competitor.
    • 30/08/2002
    • 00:49:08
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