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  • Umm....

    I'm not quite sure what this essay is supposed to be about. Maybe a little better title would help me to understand.
    • 17/12/2006
    • 21:16:34
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  • Other Side?

    You have said a lot of points, but never address the other side of the issues. You never tried to see the issue from another perspecive. Have you ever thought that one sex might find itself superior to the other? What if a guy never learned how to treat a lady? What if?
    • 07/05/2006
    • 23:19:56
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  • ?

    I can't see a real purpose to this essay other than a history of Siemens...It sound like good info to have on a company website.
    • 07/05/2006
    • 23:10:11
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