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  • Hmm

    A little whacky, really interesting though, I just dont see people following this as a way of life..that could just be cuz im biassed towards the 3 western religions tho (judaism, Islam, Chirstianity). Great essay though.
    • 16/05/2006
    • 12:04:23
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  • Great essay overall..BUT...

    A couple minor things i want to clear up that the author seems to have missed/confused:1-from arabic, the word Jihad is in no way translated to 'holy war', it only means 'struggle', the 'holy war' translation comes exclusively from the media trying to make them look bad2-in extreme cases prayer can in fact be waived, but if one is so able he/she has the option of doing it by lying or sitting down (as opposed to not doing it at all)3-there are several other sects than Sunni and Shia (such as Sufi, Ahmedi, Ismaili, etc) but they are pretty tiny.Jus wanted to clear up those minor points, on the whole, great essay though.
    • 16/05/2006
    • 11:43:52
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