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  • Fails to realize the increase in taxes as well as the discrimination

    How could a State afford to have multiple languages taught e.g. English and Spanish speaking instructors. Moreover, what would the threshold be for introducing a bilingual faculty, 20 students 100 students etc.. IN ethnically diverse communities such as Los Angeles or San Francisco are taxpayers supposed to teach classes in Spanish, English, Mandarin, Russian, French...etc. What the author is really doing is trying to cater towards Illegal immigrant's children.
    • 26/10/2007
    • 11:49:15
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  • Sources

    Incorrect information, as well as misrepresentation of the facts. Fedex was created by Fred Smith.
    • 12/07/2007
    • 21:15:20
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  • This is a good esssay

    Good essay however, it is very short.
    • 05/05/2006
    • 08:17:01
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