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  • Different but good

    This is a different essay to what I usually see or write, there are so many examples in the essay that I wouldn't be surprised if the entire poem is in it! Every second sentence seems to be an example from the poem, and the comment that comes before is simply an interpretation of the example in the text. But I guess the actual essay's purpose is to describe and inform, so your essay has achieved this quite well, and you use complex and innovative words to great effect. I would overall judge this as a very good essay, with some few minor points that need covering. Nice work.
    • 26/09/2006
    • 02:52:40
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  • Not bad

    First time reading this essay, it's not bad! Got some good points, lots of facts and dates and extremely informative. Maybe a little too much facts, seems a bit stoic and is like a recount of the events that happened. But a nice essay overall.
    • 26/09/2006
    • 02:42:26
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