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  • This essay is really good

    This essay is really full of information, you covered the whole topic on why kids smoke, and you applied some of the theories like the sutherland theory. That is a great connection to make. Also, this essay was very detailed, and it is very organized with the appedix and your sources. Good job!
    • 21/12/2006
    • 07:08:29
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    This paper is great, you covered a lot of ground stating why war is unethical and how it should be resolved. I totally agree with you that war is unethical and that there are other alternating ways to go about solving issues and dillemas between country's and people. I like how you proven you thesis throught your paper. The only thing that you should have done is found some academic journal articals so you can have soucres to back up what you are saying.
    • 20/12/2006
    • 07:35:19
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  • Good effort!

    I think you made a few good points on the issues of domestic violence, but I do not think that this paper is too detailed for the subject that you are writing about. There is so much information on this subject that you could of made your paper more detailed and broad. The good thing about your paper is that you have sources to back up your ideas/theories. Overall, the paper is ok.
    • 20/12/2006
    • 07:27:32
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  • WOW, Great Paper on Domestic Violence

    This is a really well composed paper, and it is very informative. This paper is great you started with a great introduction and you said what you would cover in the paper. Also, great citations thats a great way to back up your thoughts and ideas. Good job!
    • 15/12/2006
    • 11:19:46
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