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  • Cool!

    A few run-on sentences (cites in the middle of a sentence distracts) but the content is pretty interesting. There seemed to be quite a few original thoughts between the cites (a good thing!) and the cites themselves are perfect (per APA). Good job!
    • 13/06/2007
    • 07:48:53
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  • Good

    Interesting content. While there were times that I had to wait until the expressed thought became clear, it was interesting. Good possibilities for the results, if acted upon.The appendix tables were not formatted thereby making the data a bit difficult to read and understand. But the summations of the data explained it, at a later time.
    • 01/05/2007
    • 06:03:19
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  • I liked it

    For the grade level, it was well written. I'm not sure about where the msnbc citation was but it was an enjoyable read. Maybe because of the subject matter - maybe not.I've always wondered who said, "He who laughs, lasts." Now I know. :)
    • 23/04/2007
    • 13:29:19
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  • Excellent references and information

    I like the way the author has actually used references as they should be used - to support a theory or thought. Excellent flow and content. Good citations, also.
    • 18/04/2007
    • 09:51:38
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  • Ok...

    Not too thrilled about the lack of a title and leaving the questions in the essay. Those are actually meant to work as a guide to ensure that the questions are answered within the context of the essay. Citations - I don't think that's APA format, if that is what was being aimed for. The word 'case' shouldn't be in there. The reference should should be cited with the author or group name and date. Didn't see any citations for Dess... but I could've missed it.Back to back citations does not an essay make. More of the author's thoughts would've been more interesting to read.
    • 17/04/2007
    • 06:32:12
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  • Good!

    Interesting subject matter - it would have been interesting to see a short blurb on the possible reactions by the population in the long run if government restrictions were to be implemented.Thank you for citing the references! :)
    • 17/04/2007
    • 06:11:36
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  • I liked it

    I've always found that I do my best when I write about subjects I've experienced first hand. Somehow, the emotions and thoughts get communicated better when I'm putting down things and feelings I've gone through - and people get it. :) As previously posted, try writing about other things. Funny thing is, when I've written outside my comfort zone, they've become familiar after awhile. It's a good way to grow and expand those limitless possibilities. :)Keep up the good work.
    • 17/04/2007
    • 06:05:53
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  • Pretty decent

    The author actually told the reader his/her thoughts and perceptions on the issue along with using references (correctly) in backing up the written thoughts. While I couldn't place a citation or two, it was known where the references were cited (by the writing style). Nice essay.
    • 17/04/2007
    • 06:00:22
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  • Ok...

    But what I'd really like to know is what it meant to the writer. Good summary, though.
    • 14/04/2007
    • 15:51:35
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  • It's decent...

    Maybe it's just my preferences but I can't find what's referenced here. It's difficult to tell the difference between what's been referenced and the author's viewpoints but overall, it's pretty good info.
    • 14/04/2007
    • 15:41:29
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  • Kind of confused here...

    Lots of acronyms at the beginning - like SEA, IGC, EP, CFSP - that had no definitions. I had to google them to find out what was being discussed.Also, the first paragraph has a lot of references mentioned, no citations associated with them. Found references but couldn't find a citation anywhere on the posted doc.The intro paragraph really didn't provide what the paper was going to specifically talk about and even started describing pillars which I had to google to figure out what was being said.I think (my own opinion) that the first sentence should be explained. Googled it and found it at, but I was thoroughly confused with what this paper was trying to achieve. Maybe it's just me and this is way over my head but I thought it sounded like it came straight out of a law book or The Economist or Wall Street Journal. It didn't sound like a (Bach) student's own thoughts, at all but a string of citations (uncited, of course).
    • 10/04/2007
    • 14:14:47
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  • Interesting thoughts

    I like what the author got out of this classic. The content was expressed a little confusing at first (on the time line) but after getting through the events and more into the interpretation of the book, it turned out pretty good, actually.
    • 10/04/2007
    • 12:38:36
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  • Content good

    I wouldn't recommend the back to back references, though. The reasoning for references is to support the document, not become it. You can tell the author did the research needed for this. The content is well done.
    • 10/04/2007
    • 11:46:08
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