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  • Constructive Criticism for an Otherwise Great Essay

    This essay was great! The only fix that I would suggest (were you to resubmit it, or someone else to learn from this one) would be to include a paragraph about why a family is NOT just blood relatives. I can't think of a specific example but I am sure that there are books, poems, etc out there where someone speaks of having a friend be so close that they are considered part of the family. Because this was the primary argument (that "family" does not just mean blood-related) I think this paragraph would greatly enhance the quality of the essay.
    • 14/12/2006
    • 12:53:42
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  • Bluest Eye

    This is a great essay! It was clear, concise and well thought out. Having already read the book I found this essay to be accurate in its representation of the novel. Great job!
    • 11/12/2006
    • 15:26:54
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