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  • Bias can't be allowed in an essay

    Even if the writer is right wing they should endevour to remain fair and not look at it through a narrow point of view. This point of view allows the writer to reach their conclusion but this conclusion is false as it is drawn from unfair premises.
    • 25/10/2007
    • 04:30:43
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  • The successes of the essay

    Though this essay is very short (maybe too short), it does compare and analyse many different points of the film, like different camera angles and therefore is reasonably good.
    • 24/10/2007
    • 02:53:35
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  • Good and bad points about the essay

    This essay is a mixture of good and bad. Some of the ideas raised and extrapolated from the quotations don't imply what the writer says they do and so falsify the essay to a certain degree. Also many of the idea's are unoriginal. However some parts of the essay are solid and analyse the play well.
    • 24/10/2007
    • 02:46:54
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