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  • Lots of grammar mistakes

    Even though u are a grade 10 student, u should at least check over your spelling and edit the mistakes before submitting.Here are just some of the mistakes that i found1) here are a lot of countries in this word that aren't able to think of one good thing,word=world2)when you are able to think of a different about of good things to compare to being and Americamake no sense3)In America and being and American you have the exact same chances in life.and=an4) America to keep the country going and keeping it a good county.county=country5) where is your conclusion sentence? is it this?"This is why I am proud to be an American".if it is, it is too short. You have an introduction, 3 bodies but no conclusion to end it all.try to edit spelling mistakes before submitting. It would give u a lot higher grade
    • 30/03/2008
    • 16:28:45
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  • Good work

    Excellent job at compare and contrast the cultures of America and Japan. Well done.
    • 11/02/2007
    • 20:29:42
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