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  • Well informed

    Although the word confederation is misspelt in the title, this is a strong essay. The United States is a constitutional republic and not a democracy, I wish more people knew that. I'm digressing but good job.
    • 12/05/2008
    • 18:34:52
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    Finally someone understands that the United States is shifting into an Orwellian totalitarian state. The reference to the PATRIOT Act was excellent. Other such disastrous legislation includes: the John Warner Defence Authorization act, the loss of posse comitatus, the military commissions act etc.Not many people draw upon the obvious parallels from 1984 to current-day America but you did a great job. This has to be the best essay I have ever read on here!
    • 10/05/2008
    • 09:07:16
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  • Interesting but needs more

    Needs more content in the essay. It seems like it just ends. Maybe another source would benefit the essay by it's lack of length, something to give so we could read more about the atmosphere and perception.
    • 27/04/2008
    • 17:39:26
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  • Excellent topic

    This is a great read for anyone interested in business related courses or issue. Great job.
    • 05/08/2007
    • 13:13:30
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  • Good stance

    It should be banned. But, as with the others, I agree that harsh words need to be used to highlight the point and give it that exclamation point to the readers. It's like that quote from the movie seven "If you want someones attention you can't just tap them on the shoulder anymore, if you hit them with a sledge hammer you'll find that you have their undivided attention"
    • 04/08/2007
    • 10:12:20
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  • Well rounded good job

    I like this essay and the certain amount of conspiracy that it centralizes around, I find it to be quite informative and a highly interesting read, great job Seanlvn.
    • 28/05/2007
    • 18:51:51
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