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  • Needs More

    Proof??? you have none. The evil eye does not only hurt a person physically. It can harm them emotionally and change certain things too...For example: I have a beautiful house. Some else is jealous. They cast the evil eye and I can't pay the mortgage and have to give it up...The evil eye also does not necessarily have to be associated with negative things. It is not necessary for someone to be jealous of you or despise you for it to happen. Someone who finds a certain trait of yours oddly irresistible can give it so much importance that they "jinx" it. this is also attributed to the term "the evil eye."
    • 16/06/2007
    • 19:01:51
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  • Definition of a Tragic Hero

    It would make a lot more sense to use Shakespeare's definition of a tragic hero to prove your essay.Shakespeare's definition of a tragic hero:1. he must be heroic2. he has some weakness (tragic flaw)3. he falls from grace or sins against moral order4. he suffers a tragic reversal in his fortunes and soon recognizes the error of his ways. retribution or mental anguish follows5. he is killed by his nemesis6. audience experiences catharsis
    • 12/06/2007
    • 15:03:05
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  • Works Cited?

    You need a works cited to verify all the information you just gave. I know for a fact that the waves didn't go to 50 m high. Where did you get this information?
    • 26/05/2007
    • 11:52:23
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  • Rebuttal

    This news report was simply to be written on an incidence that occurred in the Great Gatsby according to the requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test.The Literacy Test does not require substance but rather formatting, an abundance of quotes and being able to stick to the topic.I'm sure that the inhabitants of New York are the ones reading the newspaper and more than likely, they are aware of what the term "the valley of ashes" means and refers to.Whether or not the characters would have described the scene in a certain way is not really an issue from my point of view. First of all, how can you say with 100% accuracy that they wouldn't describe things in that way? Second of all, what does it matter? At least the information is accurate.Also, if you would refer to the book, It was in fact Michaelis that said the speed of the car and the negroe that told the colour. No motorist.
    • 27/04/2007
    • 19:16:37
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  • Just an addition (From the Islamic side)

    Can I just add that in Islam when a person dies and is put into their grave, they go into the state of Barzakh and are given a choice as to how they would like to wait there until the Day of Judgement. this angel comes to them and asks three questions.What is the name of your god? (Allah)What is the name of your holy book? (Quran)What is the name of your holy prophet? (Mohammad)If all three questions are answered accordingly, only then will the window to bliss open, if not, the fires of hell shall lick at you until Judgement Day comes around and you have a chance to be saved.Also, on Judgement Day, along with the balance, all people will have to walk over a bridge. this is no ordinary bridge as it is thinner than a hair and sharper than a blade. Your good deeds will help you along and your bad deeds will bring you to your end.
    • 25/04/2007
    • 19:01:07
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  • Good Job

    I enjoyed this essay. I especially liked that you had supported your information with accurate facts. A reader won't believe what you're saying until they feel you've given them enough proof and credibility to rely on. You've done that. Good job :)
    • 02/04/2007
    • 15:57:39
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  • It needs work...

    Your sentence structure is off sometimes. For example the beginning of paragraph 2... take out the words "As for" and your sentence will make sense.I noticed one or 2 errors: using it's instead of its, saying "of a" instead of "as a" and spelling...I also noticed quite a few run-on sentences: like the very first one.Your introduction is only one sentence: your thesis... I believe it would enhance the quality of your essay to list the points of enumeration and add a topic or hook sentence to your introduction.When you quote from the book remember to give the page number you got it from for proof. Revise comma use... you've got around 5 in each sentence, it doesn't make sense to pause so many times!Your conclusion is very poorly stated...consider changing the language style.ex: instead of "they reflect how people act due to what they think they have to..."use "These 3 characters are excellent examples of conformity in that they abide by the unwritten code of society..." get what I mean??
    • 26/03/2007
    • 14:00:12
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