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  • Contradiction

    It's either you stop sending financial aid or you send financial aid. This is a very debatable subject. In my opinion, first you should solve the corruption problem and make sure that money gets to the people who really are in need. If you stop sending financial aid, then the poor are the people who are going to suffer. The same problem happened in Iraq, when the U.N. put sanctions on Iraq; Saddam Hussein was not starving but the poor people were. By sending more financial aid you are making the corrupt officials richer, as little or no money end up in their hand. At the moment that is why rich countries do not want to contribute, because they first want to abolish corruption. For a country like Liberia, progress will only take place when the political culture changes. It is only then, when financial aid will be suitable for the country. By banning them from competing in football activities, your not going to solve any problems.
    • 21/05/2007
    • 04:35:30
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  • Valletta, Malta

    Valletta is the capital city of Malta and had nothing to do with the hijacking. So it didn't take place in Valletta, but in Malta International Airport, which is situated in Luqa.
    • 16/05/2007
    • 05:44:44
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  • Racism

    "If a person of black skin applies for a job, and is better qualified for the job than a white person, but still is not granted the job than not only is it racist but by not hiring the black person the position is not being properly filled. Nothing is gained accept for an insufficient worker. ""So in my belief, affirmative action is failing society and causing more inequality."I don't agree with this argument because qualifications is not the only thing that companies look for. (Presentable, Capable, Experience etc.) And if you can proof the intentions of the employer you can never prove them.Why is the system failing society and causing more inequality ? Democracies are based on capitalism..... In itself capitalism is inequality. Apart from that there are also taxes, which cause more strain on a family which earns $6000 a year then on a family which earn $100,000.
    • 14/05/2007
    • 08:33:50
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  • Karl Marx

    The essay is worth reading, but for a long essay, sub headings are crucial.
    • 08/05/2007
    • 03:54:13
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