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  • What lead to the Sikh Massacre in 1985, in India?

    good essay rather short though
    • 17/01/2004
    • 11:29:13
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  • Compare 'A Red Red Rose'by robert burns to 'so we'll go no more a-roving'by Lord Byron

    I loved this essay, comparisons were valid but I would like to have read more about Burn's essay
    • 27/11/2002
    • 15:47:58
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  • About autism and other similar disorders

    What a sweeping statement to make about sufferers of FragileX. I have worked with a few children with this syndrome and it is rare for more than one of the physical symptoms to manifest not normal as is stated and I have yet to meet one who is double jointed though I know many 'normal' people who are .and to say they are mentally retarded is an insult as not all are. I think perhaps this person should have done more research before making such sweeping statements.
    • 27/11/2002
    • 15:45:24
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  • Hamlet

    A very good essay and good use of quotes
    • 21/11/2002
    • 14:56:06
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  • Learning disorders, empasizes on dyslexia

    Pity about the spelling!I found this essay very interesting as far as it went but I would certainly dispute the fact that dyslexia can be is not an illness and their is no will always be with a person...however with correct teaching and the right attitude there can be a great improvement and a 'dyslexic' can and often does succeed as well as the next person at university and in life.
    • 20/11/2002
    • 15:01:53
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  • Reasons For Dropping Out of School

    No mention is made of disaffected students which I think is one of the main reasons that students drop out of school. Disaffection is often caused by bad teaching and yes there are quite a few bad teacher about!
    • 20/11/2002
    • 14:56:06
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