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  • About the Mind

    What you wrote about the mind impressed me. It needed the brain, so the brain is definitely physical matter that contains the mind also physical matter, as you believe in monism. The mind and brain are united all due to the fact of monism.In addition, you called emotions differing from the action of alcohol and similar substances. The mind is definitely made of atoms for this!Materialism is essentially true for me, as physics makes all the truth about even the emotions and thoughts.Well done on how you spark thoughts and show enough details.
    • 14/07/2009
    • 07:26:25
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  • Why Is He Timeless?

    You gave some clarity over the subject. Other parts failed to be clear, yet still philosophically excellent. At least I get thoughts about why God is timeless, and how he may be construed by others as perhaps not. Presentism is a new subject for me, and I was fascinated by the fact that God was seen as someone working with the present.I happen to agree with your view, the conclusion. God is Timeless.
    • 13/07/2009
    • 21:35:12
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  • About Hitler and Stalin

    I am impressed with the dealing of knowledge, but not so with the spellings. Stalin is beautifully contrasted with Hitler, which few are able to do. The structure of the essay has a lot to be desired. But Hitler is always said to be enough evil, and Stalin is also assumed an evil man. To collect the data to this effect is a worthwhile template, but also versatile that reading has an original clarity!I can see everything that is to see and everything under the sun about the prizes these evil men are aspiring. It is good to point out the people in the necessary order. I think on the facts as the statements to drive home knowledge of an important kind. Such a succinct approach has been developed.
    • 20/04/2008
    • 11:36:52
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  • Manipulation Occurred?

    I like the brevity of this essay. I commend it for its method of coming across with the whole thoughts. Socrates deserves to go to prison and then be executed. He in my mind wants to be accused for illegitimate doing and not for nothing. Do the courts get the wrong idea? No. Not anywhere!You seem to evoke some logic and the basics of the case. I like the whole case where you must decide whether he is manipulating or propounding for the benefit of everyone.Well done!
    • 27/03/2008
    • 16:22:13
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  • Second Treatise

    I can by myself agree with Locke, after seeing what you write on the topic. However, the real topic of discussion is forced by his grace into a shallow mind. The minds that visit this logic are angry and vivid in their approach, as if equality is to be trusted as an ideal by themselves. Logic is against itself if equality was not supported by the whole people.You have successfully trained the thoughts of actual Locke in us. To our brain is the philosophy of a modern variety, and favorite jests are intellectually and briefly played. To train these thoughts has taken a sweet emotion in us and a resultant feeling. The use of punishment is equally pleasurable for the whole of us. The unique thought has arrived and contrived by us. The same example that has cleverness is demonstrated. You have given us a chance with Locke.
    • 09/03/2008
    • 14:23:49
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  • Why does Socrates Be This Action?

    When learning of Socrates as a philosopher, that is through what was written of him, I forsook him and expelled the notion of his sanity and the notions he pursued. I judge this by common sense, and one I am proud of due to this leaning I have with sensible and prudent day-to-day decisions. His statement may have had to protect him in some internal suspicion due to the nature of sweetness attached to his talk. He gave a slant of strangeness as well as criminal activity. I can even tell it without any sort of prejudice, because feelings can be judged meaningfully over such a long time from then - a time of classical civilization!He could be suicidal in a different manner, as there are various insanities, ones that madmen hide. The key word is 'hide'. It seems he is hiding everything when really not. Are there complexes for the near-deceased Socrates to sway and experience when as a philosopher he has shed. Can people of any human persuasion be so complicated? No. He is only being the same to me as mad. For example, 'there is method in his madness' say some, but only some.
    • 15/01/2008
    • 15:30:46
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  • Do Women Get Oppressed In Islam?

    Your question for this essay is a fair one to ask, in the midst of all confusion. A woman carries a child in her life more than a man, and so oppression should not be present in the face of all humanity. Islam in my view is the best religion for this protection, and you have provided enough data to substantiate my Islamic viewpoint. The woman is causing no oppression whereas men have only a task of protecting and stabilizing the community and locality.I much appreciate the Koranic verse you have provided, and feel good about it. Men shall feel good about it, and so shall Muslim sisters. Men can only never fail in their promise to treat their spouses right. All of the essay is basically concerning how marriage is to perfected. In my opinion, men are justified according to their marital success. Oppression thus can never even work under Islamic Law. Proof!
    • 15/01/2008
    • 11:41:44
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  • Comparing Judaism and Islam

    To compare both of these faiths takes some courage. Jews and Muslims are apparently to do with each other, as well as Christians. I agree that Jews are kind as Christians when faced with Muslims, but only if Muslims are kind as well. Christians shall always be kind, however much Muslims urge them with distaste, if distaste is ever expressed.You have made a good comparison, using your matter of opinion clearly and distinctly. Details are taught methodically, but the structure of the essay needs some more perfecting. Details are comprehensive, but thought must be attached in more width and breadth.I do not see how you are to compare the five great pillars of Islam with Jewish Faith; in my opinion, the pillars are too concretely Islamic and Jewish attributes and traits can never be derived from that. Never mind!
    • 13/01/2008
    • 12:31:53
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