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  • Single parenting

    ell versed topic but here remains a controversy in paragraph stated below:Parental conflict has numerous negative effects on children. For example, ongoing parental conflict has been associated with children's poorer school performance, lower grades, less social competence with peers, and lower self-perceptions of intelligence and popularity. Because of this, divorce can be a positive change when it leads to a decline of parental conflict. Living in a two-parent, highly conflictive home can be worse for development than living in a single-parent home. Marital conflict in intact homes is as harmful to parent–child relationships as marital disruption itself. Those children who are raised with parents, who stay married, but remain conflicted and hostile have a low and destructive quality of life.But inspite of going for single parenting in such cases which can be even worsening the situation there should be some marital compromises or LAT strategies i.e. living apart together hence such shackles can be avoided.Single parenting has some essential demands as per time and requirement hence only under some special circumstances and considering pros and cons and visualizing resources available it should be carried out. Here in this essay there should be some light thrown on psychological behavior aspect of child to be brought up and the age are certain factors which should be taken care of.The essay is only subjected to parent's aspects ignoring the child's point of view/perceptions/behavior aspect/age etc.
    • 29/01/2008
    • 02:07:30
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