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  • Loved it.

    I though this was great, You nicely connected all the answers to the prompt in a fashion that did not overwhelm the reader. I sat through this essay with ease and did not struggle through it. It was a great read which allowed the to develop a new view on the subject of marriage. Who knew it was so complex? Great paper. I think I read your other anthro. papers. They are all so well written. Keep up the good work :)
    • 26/02/2008
    • 00:56:45
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  • Fantastic

    great job organizing the facts and supporting your thesis. I loved how you gave the example of church as a common-interest group, I never thought of it that way. You helped me relate and understand the concept. Wonderful paper
    • 26/02/2008
    • 00:54:04
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  • Actually...

    I'm sorry, but I do not agree with you, ex lawyer. I mean, are you that ignorant and blind where you cannot look at the title of this piece. It say BRIEF NOTES. The author of this never claimed it to be an essay. I found this extremely useful for my history paper. I was able to get a great look at the events that led to the French Revolution. I was even able to get quite a few participation points in my class for answering the professors lecture questions. Thank you, exlawyer for proving that people can be so quick to judge others, before they look at ALL THE FACTS, and thank you to the author. You helped me quite a bit in class this past week due to this "crude set of notes".
    • 06/02/2008
    • 21:42:33
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  • Nice!

    Very factual. This is great to get a generalized perspective of the world!
    • 03/02/2008
    • 18:03:15
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  • Wow

    Thanks, that is so helpful. Mind if I use some of this in my essay? I will cite your work, I promise :)
    • 01/02/2008
    • 17:40:20
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